Image 2 Bits

for iPad

Introducing Image 2 Bits

Image 2 Bits teaches binary encoding using black and white images.

Coded images are shared with classmates wirelessly even if you do not have access to a network, and after decoding images, children can like them and then keep them in their picture gallery. Likes appear on the creator's screen while they are decoding others' images.

Basic help screens explain how everything in our digital world depends on binary encoding, and interactively demonstrates one method of decoding.

Introducing Coconut

COCONUT is a COde CONstructing User Tool

Initially developed at McMaster University, it allows expert users to write Domain Specific Languages capturing patterns of efficient implementation which would otherwise have to be coded in assembly language.

Optimal Computational Algorithms, Inc.

The OCA mission is to enable our customers to achieve peak performance on their scientific applications through:

Development of hardware-specific libraries for novel architectures

Development of Application Specific Libraries to accelerate customer code

Mathematical modeling with performance in mind.

Selection and implementation of tuned optimization algorithms